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AutoJob has expertise in the restoration and cleaning of all DPF, SCR, and CAT units. Our unique DPF cleaning regeneration process offers certified results and makes the units look 98% new.

Our team even performs DPF removal to make the cleaning process more effective and check if any other part needs attention. Besides offering a cost-effective and environment-friendly restoration process, we also give a 12-month guarantee. If you are not maintaining your DPF properly, you may get into legal fines and vehicle down-time.

So, you need to maintain DPF, CAT and SCR units correctly. It eliminates unnecessary replacements, resulting in a better engine and DPF performance, lowering down car maintenance costs, enhancing the life span of DPF units, giving better fuel economy, and positively impacting the environment.

Consumers have only a few options when it comes to cleaning filthy diesel particulate filters (DPF). So, if you are looking for DPF, CAT and SCR cleaning services, Autojob is right here to help you. Our patent technology machine has been accepted globally as the best practice to execute DPF cleaning and restoration.

What Do We Do?
Autojob adopts avant-garde technology to facilitate proper and environment friendly DPF cleaning and restoration services. Additionally, we provide free nationwide collection and delivery of removed DPF. We not only perform the DPF removal process in vehicles but also fit them properly after cleaning. If the item is delivered to us before noon, we offer a same-day turnaround of cleaned DPF units. We also offer an express cleaning service, which roughly takes two hours.


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