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The Swaraj 963 FE is a robust 60 HP 2WD tractor crafted by Swaraj Tractors in India, boasting cutting-edge technology for unmatched speed and field performance. Powered by a formidable 3-cylinder, 3478 cc engine that cranks out 2100 RPM, this tractor excels in endurance, making it an ideal workhorse for both agricultural and commercial applications. Swaraj 963 tractor price is between Rs 8.45 lakhs* and Rs 8.75 lakhs* in India. What sets the Swaraj 963 apart is its 15% boost in torque, facilitating smooth navigation on both roads and farms. This popular Swaraj tractor model features a state-of-the-art high-low-medium synchromesh transmission with 12 forward and 2 reverse gears, enhancing efficiency and allowing you to cover more ground in less time. Farmers will find the Swaraj 963 FE tractor price in India to be highly affordable, offering uncompromising efficiency, power, and an array of features. It comes equipped with high PTO power, advanced hydraulics with a hydraulic pump, PTO spline for external attachments, a new planetary drive, hitch lever, DCV kit, creep speed, and more. Furthermore, it's built for durability, ensuring minimal maintenance costs, reliability, and versatility, making it the ultimate choice for farmers seeking to enhance their field productivity. The Swaraj 963 FE's horsepower range is well-suited for heavy-duty tasks and effortless lifting of hefty implements.

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