Have you been looking for a suitable place for your dog while you are away? A good boarding kennel is exactly what you need – a place for your dog to socialize, relax, have a good run, get vaccinated and enjoy the food.
But, sometimes the search of a boarding kennel is difficult and that is when you need to carry out some research and find the one that offers the perfect ambiance for your dog. If you are looking for the best boarding kennel in KilkennyIreland, then getting in touch with Jerusalem Kennels and Cattery is highly recommened.

Why Choose Jerusalem Kennels and Cattery?

Each kennel here comprises of an added kennel that is attached to its individual run space. Additionally, there for smaller types of dogs there are kennels which have under-floor central heating system, while the larger kennels for larger breeds and here in these kennels there are individual heat lamps. To maintain hygiene the kennels are power hosed on a daily basis from both inside and outside by making use of an anti-viral product.


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